New Jersey, NJ, NY Website Design and Development
New Jersey, NJ, NY Website Design and Development
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New Jersey, NJ, NY Website Design and Development
Website Development Enterprises
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Photography, Video Editing & Production


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In any format, much of the design depends on quality photography, which WDE is proud to provide. We bring a trained eye, as well as professional lighting equipment specific to your portrait, product, or onsite photography needs. Our photography has adorned the cover of magazines, been credited for the author photos on books published by Wiley, and been featured on websites across the globe. Let us help you bring that same air of quality to your web photography.

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Video Production

We can post videos that you've taken or produce new video for your website or marketing materials.
Video Editing Production Producing
Our video production and video editing has been featured in music videos on MTV, in television pilots for BET and TNT, and on workout DVDs. In an age of amateur video, separate yourself with the professionalism that our video production can give you.

360º Virtual Tours

Really bring your client into your world by adding a 360° virtual tour to your website.


360 degree virtual tour animationUsing specialized photography equipment, and advanced photo stitching techniques, WDE can provide a fully rotating view ofyour location, your previous work, or your products.

Copy Writing & Editing

Our staff includes professional writers whose articles have been syndicated in publications across the country. More importantly, they've written keyword rich content that comes up at the top of Google searches for literally thousands of keywords. We specialize in writing and editing web content to seamlessly weave keywords into your site. Keep Google happy with keyword density, and clients will be flooding through your doors.


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"Using the latest technology, WDE has helped prepare us for a robust online business."

~ Emme
Founder, Emmestyle Inc.

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